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Nova Hills is a treatment program that specializes in treating emerging adults ages 18 to 25 years old that struggle with sexual compulsivity, dependencies, trauma and addictions.  


Our specialty-trained clinical team at Nova Hills has decades of experience and proven results working with this specific population. 

Our treatment team consists of experienced licensed therapists, personal coaches, care managers, registered nurses, nurse practitioners and medical doctors. 

Upon intake, our treatment team will assess the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual and sexual needs of each client.  In addition to this assessment our team will address any medical concerns or health related restrictions. Our team will begin to create an educational treatment plan. This plan will consist of evaluating strengths and limitations, career and work interests, hobbies, healthy and unhealthy habits, short term and long-term goals.  Each educational treatment plan will be designed specifically to meet the needs of each client.  Our goal is to move the client towards a lifestyle of “Living in Balance.”

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Personalized Therapy

Each client will participate in the following types of therapy on a weekly basis during his time at Nova Hills

  • Individual therapy with a licensed therapist.

  • Group therapy.  Many of our groups are psychoeducational and focus on specific issues such as effective communication, emotional regulation, addiction cycles, social skills, pornography, attachment, trauma, etc.

  • Family therapy via phone or video conferencing.

  • Animal Assisted therapy as determined by a licensed therapist.

  • Recreational therapy. Nova Hills incorporates outdoor/recreational behavioral therapy into our weekly structure and will have experiential therapeutic opportunities each week. 

  • Values-based setting.  Nova Hills incorporates a strong emphasis on development of healthy values including respect, honesty, compassion, empathy, service learning, work ethic, and accountability.  These values are emphasized in the rules and daily structure and taught by our experienced staff.

  • Individual, group and family sessions take place at least once a week.  Specific specialty groups will be added as needed to address the needs of each client.

If you have any questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call us at 800.584.4629

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