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Daily Schedule

The main objective behind Nova Hills is to offer a safe place to treat adolescents between the ages of 10-14, holistically by marrying aspects of residential treatment (such as routines, therapy sessions, and community service) with wilderness therapy aspects, which promote learning empathy and self-respect. 

We also incorporate animal care and farm animals such as chickens, and their care (feeding, housing, egg collecting)  intertwined with daily chores. 

Specific daily activities are subject to change based on the therapeutic needs of each specific student at Nova Hills.

Playing Basketball
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Monday - Thursday

  • Children will wake up at 6:45am each day 

  • Breakfast and hygiene time is from 6:45am to 8:30am, with breakfast first being served at 7:30am 

  • From 8:30am to 9:30am morning chores/animal care 

  • 9:30am is when school starts 

  • Lunch is served at noon, with the kids having from noon to 1pm to eat 

  • 1pm to 3:30pm is the rest of the school day 

  • 3:30pm to 6:30pm will be therapeutic group/chore time, where there will be more daily chores, but also the scheduled time for service projects and community outreach/interaction. This could be community service, sharing therapeutic groups, going on outings for exercise/therapeutic conversations. 

  • 6:30pm to 8pm will be dinner time for the boys 

  • 8pm to 9pm will be time for any additional academics/homework, as well as nightly chores 

  • 9pm to 10pm will be time for therapeutic discussions, a time to decompress and think upon the day for the kids 

  • 10pm to 10:45pm will be time for nightly hygiene and bedtime, lights out at 11pm 

Friday - Sunday

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will be spent camping in the wilderness, where the kids will be learning and practicing different hard and soft skills. Some of these skills are reinforcing therapy skills and processing, while the hard skills are making fires, learning knots, how to set up camps, learning about low impact camping/living. The time spent outdoors will be variable based on the current needs of the boys based on therapist assessment. For the most part, the boys will: 

  • Rise at 8am and eat breakfast 

  • Start breaking down and/or cleaning up the camp, with time being allotted to take care of their gear, keeping everything as clean and dry 

  • Most of their days will be spent either hiking with their gear, going on excursion hikes with therapeutic groups and discussions, or working on their wilderness hard skills 

  • Time for hygiene will be before each meal

  • Snacks will be eaten throughout the day, with the next full meal being likely around 4/5pm, and both hot meals each student will be responsible for cooking and cleaning 

  • The evenings will be spent reflecting on the day and each student's needs, usually time for reading or group therapy sharing 

  • Once all the students have completed their tasks for the day, they will go to sleep in their individual gear 

Skateboard and Earphones

If you have any questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call us at 800.584.4629

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