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Daily Living

Pursuing treatment does not have to exclude progressing in other areas of life. Engaging in education or employment is a valuable part of the therapeutic process, and most often, young men with the issues we treat have also fallen behind in self care and other basic life skills.

Nova Hills does an assessment with each young man to completely individualize the experience. Daily life activities include life skills such as meal planning and preparation, shopping, laundry, cleaning and housekeeping. 

We also individualize continuing education or pursuing employment and a career. Many options are available to complete a high school diploma, get a GED, or attend a university or trade school.

Each young man will also engage in physical activity such as going to the gym or enrolling in martial arts. We also have weekly excursions to explore the abundant local wilderness areas or pursue other recreational activities.

The Nova Hills experience is designed to place the young man in an ideal situation to transition from a therapeutic environment into society. This is accomplished by pairing the young man with a coach. The coach plays an accountability role and provides a resource to practice self regulation and decision making skills.

If you have any questions about enrollment, admissions or our program, please call us at 800.584.4629

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